GPP No 54 ~ Mind Games

Last month we made new colours and named them – I had two goes with Spicy Cinnamon & Sunny Glow, then a range of Teals.  And this month, Michelle has gone COMPLETELY mad and wants us to create names, then make colours to match!

Sounds COMPLETELY mad, doesn’t it?!? AND COMPLETELY cool! and fun! So here is what I’ve thrown together for the Street Crusade No 54 Mind Games

GPP No 54 – Mind Games

Where to begin with creating names for colours before having the colours? Michelle had some suggestions; I was thinking about some of my favourite quotes and song lyrics. What caught my attention was a small object sitting my desk; I’m starting a new project next week and I will be learning all about making microphones, and I have a small, shiny disk on my desk that goes into a mircophone, hence where my train of thought ran (or derailed – whichever!)


Microphone Pop

mixed media art painting

Singing Rays

mixed media art painting

Pop-pop Beat

mixed media art painting

I am pleased with the mix of colours – the names seem a little crazy under the light of a new day (may be I shouldn’t be painting after 10pm after a stressful day!).  As I mixed the colours, I added some to an art journal layout (the ONLY page I had pre-gesso’d – UGH!)

mixed media art journal

And, of course, there was lots of paint left over, so lots of colour got added to text sheets for future projects.

mixed media painted backgrounds

Happy crusading! Thanks for leaving your comments and “likes”!

mixed media painting mixed media art journal


15 responses to this post.

  1. Michelle – you are quick! Thanks for getting us started! Love your observance of a train of thought that runs or derails 🙂 Nothing wrong with getting derailed in the safety of our own studios. Fun to see your word combos and colors, then put right to work on pages and scraps. No wasted paint at your place 😉 Thanks for sharing your Pop Culture with the team.


  2. The beauty of this kind of challenge is allowing us the freedom to express whatever is in our mind/soul/heart at the time our creation takes shape. I love your colors & that you’ve named them with connection to a new project you are taking on-gives it such personal meaning; doesn’t get any better than that!


  3. Michelle, these are wonderful, I just love the red/orange/yellow blends, and your names are really fun! I think you and I are on the same page, I have a ‘train’ reference in one of my names, too.


  4. Posted by fabricfan on August 8, 2011 at 5:48 am

    Your colours and names seem perfect.


  5. HA! I love pop-pop beat! And These go so well together, too. I love the idea of creating the color after naming it. It works great! When you have a phrase or term or even one word that you love, sometimes it seems like there’s naturally a color to go with it!

    Thanks for playing. Nice work!


  6. I love what you’ve done! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Cool


  7. Pop-pop Beat is lovely, particularly like the translucency of it, great for going over text. Love how we could follow along with your thoughts and see how you got to your words 🙂


  8. Great job for this crusade! I think you’ve inspired me!


  9. There is a real immediacy in this challenge that I think you got just right. I love the hot colors and the way you caught them and blended them. No wasted paint in your studio! Thanks for the inspiration!


  10. pop-pop beat is such a great name for a color and could it be any other color than what you painted? what fun!


  11. Very interesting how you came about your names and colors! I am fascinated by the fact that you are learning about ‘making microphones.’ I LOVE the way the colors look all together on that gessoed page – AWESOME! And how cool that you now have all those juicy painted text pages for use in future projects!


  12. These made such a luscious background for your journal!


  13. Being derailed in the studio is the best way to find the right train of thought and the right track to creative joy. These are bright, vivid colors that go perfectly with the hot aspect of music and a new mic!


  14. […] a background created in a previous challenge, I’ve journalled my artistic […]


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