GPP No. 55 ~ Disappearing Act

Yet again, another interesting journey through this month’s GPP’s Street Team Crusade. Michelle has challenged us to take our previous paintings and use the same colours to create a Disappearing Act.


I started with my previous backgrounds made for the Mind Games Crusade. And even though I had lots of lovely backgrounds and the colours noted on cards, I hadn’t written down what colours I’d used and how I had mixed them. So I tried to replicate them  but wasn’t happy with the results.

Mixed Media Paintig backgrounds
*Note for young players* Write down colour combinations and how you got them!! DO NOT rely on memory!


Realising I was trying to do this “arse-about”,  I mixed up another batch of colours and noted which paints I used and the mixing ratios.

mixed media painting

Then I re-made the backgrounds. As this method doesn’t take long to dry, it was easy to create a few backgrounds.

Then I was ready to get stamping!

And here are the results…

I also used a hand-made flower stencil. [Editors note: Just realised that I made this flower stencil for GPP No 19, way back in April 2008!]

The first few pages, I had a neat pattern, then I had a few more random stamping pages, and they looked much better, so I want back to the first ones and stamped randomly over the top of the neat patterns.

In my quest of using up ALL of my paint, I also dug out the tissue paper created in the last Crusade and added more random stamping. I was pleased with myself that I know when to stop! (A somewhat rare occurrence for me)

So there is another very fun Crusade complete!

Happy Crusading!

13 responses to this post.

  1. Your colors & stamps/stencils worked perfectly for this!!
    All the subtle color variations work so well!


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  3. OMG – the last photo is fabulous! Love how the pattern comes and goes. Love that you have red on yellow and yellow on red. Great to see you have a go with this many different ways. Always good to have a jam session and figure out which part of the technique works for you. Great examples Michelle. Thanks for sharing with the team!


  4. Oh, wow. I agree with Michelle, that last one is my favorite!


  5. The tissue paper – wow! Knowing when to stop – awesome 😉


  6. I love the progression of color and stamping. Your hand-made stamp really works well with the colors. And tissue paper! What a great idea.


  7. Loved your post and the stamp and flower stencil – I have yet to make my own! Noting down colour combinations is a very good idea indeed as the memory distinctly unreliable for such things these days!! Thanks for sharing.


  8. Posted by Barbara Marie on October 8, 2011 at 2:56 am

    Loved your finished paper… the colors were wonderful and the process produced beautiful results!


  9. well done! love hearing about the process and how you went back over your first pages. great job mixing in techniques from past challenges. and that stamp in the picture with the tissue paper – seriously cool. homemade? plastic paper clips? I’m intrigued!


  10. Wow — love the stamp and the stencil result, and how you stepped your process out. And brought in the results of previous crusades — well done! -Kim


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