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MIA but back again!

Wow! It’s been 12 months since the last Crusade and 12 months since I’ve hung up any art here, what-so-ever! I have been busy making art – honest- but have been spending my energy over at Mixed Media Art. It is a time consuming passion but I want to share the brilliant art / craft that is mixed media, that I have been going crazy writing and publishing a book, making videos and all sorts of stuff. Here’s a bit of an overview!

Creating Layers in Mixed Media Art

This book has brought together many techniques and two completely new pieces of artwork to share the joy of getting richness and depth into your artwork.

mixed media collage techniques

Available on Amazon

MMA Tips Videos

I have created a series of (short) videos, covering different aspects of mixed media techniques or materials.

michelle brings these short tip videos


Art Journals

My favourite art making at the moment is creating simple art journal, using large sheets of water colour paper. Then whenever I am painting something else and have any paint left over, or before I clean my brushes, I add a coloured wash.

using masking tape and tim holts inks to create an interesting background

Interesting background

water colour paper art journal

Mixed Media Art Journal



Well, there’s the highlights for the last few months. I will be back soon!

Happy creating!

GPP Crusade No 40 – Step on the Scale

This month marks the 40th Green Pepper Press Crusade and we have been challenged to “Step on the Scales” and up-size or down-size our creations. Michelle Ward is taking us out of our comfort zones again and getting us to make really BIG or really small pieces of art.

I have opted for the “small” end of the scale as my craft table is so messy I can’t fit anything too big at the moment and I also had this cute little box that I wanted to use, so here was the opportunity to make a mini handmade book to fit into it.

The blue background was created last month with our “Pulling Prints” Crusade. I added a little stamp, a few punchies, some text and some pics from a cruise brochure to create the zig zag pages for the mini handmade book. I covered the covers with map wrapping paper. Details on making your own handmade book covers can be found over at Mixed Media Art. I added a small piece of ribbon to make the book easier to get out of the box.

It really was a challenge to work so small – I had to sort through my usual embellishments to find the smaller ones and it was hard to apply glue with the bits so small. This is more like the size I would usually make:

Another challenging part of the process was to get good photos; my little happy-snaps camera had a hard time focusing on the small pages when the light levels were low. I did manage to get a few detailed pictures.

Many thanks again to Michelle Ward to sending these challenges our way!

Happy Crusading, faithful companions.