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GPP No 60 ~ I love

This month’s GPP Crusade has a (slight) Valentine’s slant (ugh!). Here is my art journal page:

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Happy Crusading,


GPP No 49 ~ Forensic Self Portrait

This month over at GPP Street Team Crusades, Michelle has challenged us to document a snapshot of ourselves in a Forensic Self Portrait.

After reading through the challenge and visiting the other Crusaders (and leaving comments!), I was keen to jump in, but the idea of creating a journal page was leaving me feeling ho-hum. I was thinking about how some Crusaders used pockets, some used tags and I liked that idea. Others created amazing books or portfolios; these really seemed to capture my attention.

I let these ideas sift through my brain for a day or so, then my idea fell into place; I’d create a folio, using envelopes as pockets and tags for adding the “forensic” information. I have some gorgeous envelopes that I didn’t want to just send through the post – they are cream and embossed with flowers; they would make great pockets. I can make the outer cover with a sheet of manilla cardboard and make my own enclosure like those old fashioned folders, with string to wrap around the eyelets to keep it closed.

I ended up using large brads as the eyelets I had weren’t big enough. Under the large circle, there is a smaller cardboard “washer”, so that it would sit up a bit and make it easier to thread the string around it. The string is waxed twine, originally bought for Coptic book binding stitching.

The inside pockets are made from closing each envelop, cutting it into half and then sticking them together, along the centre line. Here 3 envelopes were used, creating 6 pockets. These were then stuck into the cover.

Each tag has a heading and brightly coloured fibres added, with a little list under each heading.

I like the idea of Michelle’s advice: “Take mental notes about everything that defines you Right Now.  Things change… you will love to look back on it.”. We think we have good memories as humans, but unless we do stop and take note and document or record, even with photos, these details are lost.

Happy creating!

GPP Crusade No. 44 – In a Scrape

In a Scrape is the challenge over at Michelle Ward‘s Street Team Crusade this month. And I faced this challenge with excitement – I’ve done something a bit like this before, so it isn’t as scary as some of Michelle’s past challenges (see Strip Ease and Pulling Prints, not to mention the ones I didn’t complete).

I started by tearing various text pages into squares (using a ruler) and sticking them onto an art journal spread using a glue stick.

Then I started the paint scraping. I had an idea in my mind so I began with light blue and put the paint directly onto the credit card. I started at the top fo the page, then lifted the card when I was half way down the page. I was going for a fading effect.

Then I added brown across the bottom.

I continues with a few layers of light blue and then a few of straight white, starting from the brown section up to try and enhance the fading. The white also took away some of the darkness in the brown.

I wasn’t happy with the blue contrasting, so I added two darker shades of blue across the top. I was very careful to make sure I only added a little at a time.

To blend these in, I added more light blue and white.

And I was finally happy with the overall results. I love this method as the print dries really quickly (even in the cold weather) so it is easy to add lots of layers in a short amount of time.

To finish off the piece, I created a stencil from a photo I had taken and printed on plain paper. After mixing up some grey paint, I sponged on the trees (no paint brush here!)

To create the layers and depth of the trees, I added more black paint into the grey, adding more trees until I was out of room. I also used the negative stencil but didn’t like that effect as much as the positive stencil trees.

Here is more of the detail. You can still see the underlying text paper and the darker blue.

This is the photo I had in my mind while creating this layout.

This was taken at Lake Mulwala, New South Wales, where the Murry River has been dammed and is full of dead trees. It makes such an eerie sight, early in the morning, but the expanse of blue sky and the reflection was breathtaking. (Taken June 2010)

So that’s it for another month ~ thanks for getting to the end of the post. I would love for you to leave a comment, fellow Crusaders and general blog wanders alike.

Happy Creating,

GPP Crusade No. 42 – Strip Ease

We entered the world of scary creativity this month – Michelle Ward, over at GPP Street Team, wanted us to TEAR paper!?!!? Can you believe it? No neat cutting, limited straight lines…. moving from neat, orderly grids to freestyle tearing, without a month in between. Hence it has taken me until the end of the month to find the courage to face this Crusade.

But guess what? It wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be; I managed to tear paper into strips and stick them down, without too much fuss at all! And the funny thing is, Michelle also reveals to us her concerns when first faced with the prospect of tearing paper and how overcoming her paper tearing fears helped her to loosen up. It is a liberating experience!

Here is what I did:

I had the facing page after last months Grid Lock Crusade, so I thought it would make a nice juxtaposition to put the tearing next to the grids. It was a gesso’d and painted over altered book layout.

Then I collected some left over pages from the last challenge and added a few others that fitted in with the blue colouring. I tore some up and down, and others side ways, and laid them out as I went.

Next I needed to stick them down. I liked the arrangement and needed a way to get the bottom layer stuck down first but didn’t want to try to move it all over or play pick up sticks with all of the pieces. As I was in a book, I closed the book without moving my arranged strips, then turned the whole book over and opened it again. Then I had all of the strips facing the wrong way, perfect for pulling off the “top” piece, adding glue and then sticking it down. I kept adding pieces until I had a good coverage of the background.

I am pleased with the final piece, although still tempted to cover it with a little gesso to tone down the bright blue and bring all of the elements together. But I will leave this layout as it is, hopefully true to the Crusade’s vision.

Thanks again to Michelle Ward, for assisting me to overcome my paper tearing worries!

Happy creating, fellow Crusaders!

GPP Crusade No 39 – Pulling Prints

Michelle Ward, at the helm of the Green Pepper Press Street Team Crusades, has raised the bar, yet again. This month we have been challenged to Pull Prints, with monoprinting. Now, I have tried monoprinting before and been left disappointed with the results, but I have faith in Michelle and was willing to give it a go again.

First I gathered my supplies. I don’t have any Tyvek, so I used scrap paper, then some of the cereal box inserts.

Gathering supplies for monoprinting

I decided for the base to use come cardboard covered with cereal box plastic. My first prints were a little too wet and splodgy.

First mono printsFirst mono prints

Then I found a large sheet of glass and decided to give that a go. Again, the initial prints were too wet and the red paint was very thick. As more prints were pulled, the texture get more interesting.

mono printing in redATC size mono prints

Third try with less red paint and on top of the previous paint on the glass.

More mono printing

By this time I was getting a little weary. I cut a heart from plastic film, added a bit more red paint and gave it one last go…

mono printing hearts one and two

These were the first two, as per Michelle’s instructions. Then I “repainted” the glass and tried again…

mono printing with red paint and heart template

I think I’m beginning to get the hang of it. Lessons learned:

1. Get everything ready before you begin, including paper towel to clean off the glass when changing colours

2. Have LOTS of card stock on hand

3. Read Michelle’s instructions first, rather than while the paint is drying on the glass

4. Have fun playing and try not to get too stressed when it doesn’t look just like Michelle’s

Now I have to go and clean up my mess – well, I am letting all of the prints dry first…

Thanks again to Michelle and all the members of the Street Team.


GPP Street Crusade No 38 – Grab a tissue

GPP Crusade Grab a Tissue

This month, Crusaders, our household has been besieged by plague and pestilence alike (hubby had pneumonia and the boys had head lice) but I have struggle bravely on, in this quest for sharpening our artistic skills and ultimately, art perfection.

Michelle Ward has challenged us to “grab a tissue” for the GPP Street Crusade and incorporate tissue paper into our layout this month. I was excited by this as I have a TONNE (both metric and empirical) of tissue paper in the form of my grandmothers old dress patterns. Initially I took them in to use the great sketches on the front covers. But I soon discovered that each packet had heaps of tissue paper inside, and how could I call myself a “Mixed Media Artist”, let along a true “paper crafter” if I had discarded all of it!?!?! Needless to say, I had adequate tissue paper on hand for this project. On closer inspection, I also found that not only did I have the usual brown tissue paper, but some of the patterns were made from white tissue! Oh joy indeed!

The details of making this layout can be found over at our Mixed Media Art companion site.

Mixed media art journalling with paints and tissue paper

As with all of Michelle’s Crusades, I had lots of fun. Using tissue paper when there is lots of it really does release my creativity. I am happy to play when I’m not “wasting” something I have been saving. Here is a close up pic.

Writing detail in art journal

Green and purple are not colours I would usually use together. I had my mind set on green (my favourite colour and also the same Michelle had used) but I had purple paint on my paintbrush for another project and, not wanting to waste any paint, used it up on the gesso’d tissue paper.

Ink used is Brilliance Graphite black – a little wetter than Staz0n, as I was worried that Stazon may tear the tissue paper, as it can get a little sticky. Stamps from See-D’s Perfectly Paisley set.

Fair well, Crusaders.


GPP Crusade No 36 – Braving the elements

The Green Pepper Press Crusade has returned for 2010 to Brave the Elements. Now these northern hemisphere girls are braving the cold of winter and thinking of snowflakes. Snowflakes!?! I think I may have seen snow once – brrrrr! too cold for me!

Here we are braving the summer elements; scorching hot sun, blustery northerly winds that dry your eyes out and still in the middle of a drought. And my Tomato Jungle is surviving in these conditions.

I had an absolute ball creating this today and am very pleased with the results. I think I have stuck to the one hour time frame, although not in all one sitting. Can you see the ripening tomatoes peeking out? They take so long to turn red, even in this heat. Here are some more of the details.

The stencils were cut from scrap paper, using a real tomato leave as a template. I had one that was much bigger but it was just too big for the layout. The tomatoes were stenciled using a 1″ hole punch to create that template.

The stenciling with gesso didn’t give much contrast and neither did the light green, but the dark green paint provided the best contrast against the background.

I’ll include some details on creating the background and the gesso resistance technique over at the Mixed Media Art site.

Thank you once again goes to Michelle Ward to helping us to rise to the challenge and sharing her passion for simple techniques that give stunning results! And for giving us a time frame! No excuses this time.



GPP No. 28 – Portion Control

Michelle Ward has issued another challenge over at Green Pepper Press Street Team, to further explore shapes with Portion Control. My attempt is a parody of my Crusade No 27 shape exploration. It hasn’t quite turned out as I wanted – I may need to explore some new techniques to get the results to match the picture in my head.



For information as to how I created the LHS, you’ll have to visit the earlier post. The right-hand side was done pretty much the same way, but with bits missing; the painted red background wasn’t solid, some circles became outlines, text was added then partially removed with sticky tape. It does add depth and interest, but I think the structured and orderly engineer in me likes the clear cut lines better.

Until the next crusade, fair Crusaders….


GPP Street Team Crusade No.20

Paper casting is the theme for May over at GPP Street Team with Michelle Ward.

I had tried this technique briefly in a workshop with Joy Bathie, using toilet paper, water, gel medium and rubber stamps. It was certainly a fun technique and one I had meant to go back to and play again. Using rubber stamps as moulds meant that the casting was in reverse, which bothered me – I wanted the cast to have the image sticking out.

So when Michelle challenged us to create our own moulds, I headed off to the local craft shop for some Sculpty. I bought beige Sculpty III (have no idea the difference between I and III Sculpty and nearly haa a meltdown, wondering wildly if it made a difference).

At home, I got out my kids playdough toys and found a rolling pin and some cookie cutters. I also got out some stamps and metal embellishments. I warmed up the Sculpty in my hands, one section at a time. I didn’t know how far it would go or how thick to make it. Once I had started rolling one piece out, I realised one bit wouldn’t go very far, only big enough for one mould. I pressed the heart and flower stamps into two pieces, a metal key and a metal heart into another two. I cut the Sculpty down around these and that gave me a little more; I used a cookie cutter to make a heart and a playdough mould to make a penguin. With the bits left over, I press the mesh stamp into it to create a texture plate. These were baked according to the packets instructions.

Sculpty Moulds

Heart stamp by Kaiser stamps. Flower stamp by Fern Gully Stamps. Mesh stamp by Stamp-It – Rachel Greig photography.

I was ready for the paper casting. I couldn’t be bothered with the blender method, so I tore the toilet paper into small squares. Laying the first piece down, I poked gently at it with a very wet brush (don’t use your good brushes – they get a bit wild after this!). Put the second piece down, with grain at 90 degrees to the first piece, pushed with brush. Third and fourth pieces were at 45 degrees to the first two (creating strength by rotating the grain – that’s how we make carbon fibre aircraft parts (okay, I’m an engineer, remember!)).

Once I had a few layers it was getting quite wet, so I added a few layers without water and patted it gently with my fingers, which drew the water through to wet the next layer and take some of the sogginess away. The key was a deeper mould, so I added paper into the middle of it to try and get a fairly flat back. To create nicely rough edges, I used my fingernail to pull away excess paper from around the edges. I sat these bits aside; they were handy to fill in the deeper casts. I was too impatient to see the end results to let them dry in the moulds, so I carefully prised them out and left them to dry. As it’s getting colder here, they took a good 2 days to dry completely.

With one set of white casts, I needed to add some colour. I looked at some other Street Team posts and saw some had added colour into the moulding process, rather that just at the end. So I tried that next. I put Pearlex on to the second layer of the heart, but it was an interference colour and too light (made lots of sparkles on other things, though). I added some Distressed ink to the key, but the colour bled really badly and just looks murky. I added some Folk Art paint onto the flower (probably a little too much, since it was already wet) and that worked well. With the coloured bits I’d pulled off from around the others, I used them on the textured plate.

Paper casts

Now I was ready to make something with them!

For the heart card, I coloured the heart silver with a Krylon pen and pink chalk. The pink card was stamped with the heart stamp using Versamark ink. I stuck the paper cast on with Papier Glass finish and added a heavy object on top while it dried to try and keep it flat.

Heart card

For the ATC, I coloured the key in with a gold Marvy marker. The key was quite detailed but this was lost when adding the colour, so I added some detail with a black pen. Face collage stamp by Art Dreams. Text stamp by Stamp Oasis.

key atc

Well, that’s it. I’ve got a great collection of casts to use on future projects.

Thanks goes to Michelle Ward once again, for her fantastic tutorials and great inspiration.

See you next month!