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GPP No 54 ~ Mind Games

Last month we made new colours and named them – I had two goes with Spicy Cinnamon & Sunny Glow, then a range of Teals.  And this month, Michelle has gone COMPLETELY mad and wants us to create names, then make colours to match!

Sounds COMPLETELY mad, doesn’t it?!? AND COMPLETELY cool! and fun! So here is what I’ve thrown together for the Street Crusade No 54 Mind Games

GPP No 54 – Mind Games

Where to begin with creating names for colours before having the colours? Michelle had some suggestions; I was thinking about some of my favourite quotes and song lyrics. What caught my attention was a small object sitting my desk; I’m starting a new project next week and I will be learning all about making microphones, and I have a small, shiny disk on my desk that goes into a mircophone, hence where my train of thought ran (or derailed – whichever!)


Microphone Pop

mixed media art painting

Singing Rays

mixed media art painting

Pop-pop Beat

mixed media art painting

I am pleased with the mix of colours – the names seem a little crazy under the light of a new day (may be I shouldn’t be painting after 10pm after a stressful day!).  As I mixed the colours, I added some to an art journal layout (the ONLY page I had pre-gesso’d – UGH!)

mixed media art journal

And, of course, there was lots of paint left over, so lots of colour got added to text sheets for future projects.

mixed media painted backgrounds

Happy crusading! Thanks for leaving your comments and “likes”!

mixed media painting mixed media art journal


GPP No53 ~ Mad Scientists – Take II

I just had to have another go with this Crusade (GPP Crusade No53 – Mad scientist) and the bluey / green painting of Michelle Ward had seeped into my imagination, so that’s where I started with this.

It turned into an epic painting session, so for those who only want the highlights, I’ll put the colours and names first, then you are free to go.

For those that want all the details, then continue to scroll down!

GPP No 53 – Mad Scientists

Started with blue, yellow and white, and a gesso’d art journal layout.
Mixed Media Art Michelle Brown

Then mixed 50/50, then mixed a colour between each of those.
Mixed Media art michelle brown

mixed media art michelle brown
Cool Yellow – Grassy Green – Regal Teal – Dark Royal Teal – Cerulean Blue

The Epic Paint Session

Started with mixing colours and painting the art journal layout – not my usual style but it will do.
mixed media art michelle brown

Then I had paint left over, so I pulled out some chipboard and painted in various colours to add to the layout later.

Still more paint – credit card painted a text sheet.

Mixed the colour together to get the mid teal and added a wash to another text page.

Still more paint …. what to do? Ahah! Pulling prints – pulled out more text pages from an old book, tore into pieces and added it into the paint. Little too much, then smudged in onto another text sheet.

Still more paint… what next? Ahah! Tissue paper – grabbed a handful, narrowly avoiding a pin left in it by my grandmother and avoiding injury. Added teal in a wash. Grabbed another brush with a bit of yellow and added highlights; another brush with blue.

Almost over… grabbed a sponge and added circles onto a text sheet…

That’s it ….. no more paint; AND it’s dinner time and I can hear the boys fighting – better clean up and get dinner ready!

Phew! What an epic paint session! What a mess! I can hardly get out of the room!

Thanks for getting to the end! Happy crusading!