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Sunday Postcard Art – Travel

We have caught the Travel bug over at Sunday Postcard Art this week.

These days we travel with such ease and with little thought; we can jump on an aer0plane and be anywhere in the world in 24 hours, even from Australia (although Melbourne to New York may be closer to 36 hours). Even with cars we can travel amazing distances in a short amount of time; last year we drove 3,000km in 5 days to attend a family funeral (and we barely covered the bottom half of Australia!)

But before these travel luxuries, there were the grand ladies of the sea, taking you to all corners of the globe, over several leisurely weeks. It is hard to comprehend how much bigger the world must have seemed back then.

Sunday Postcard Travel - grand ships

Map paper from wrapping paper. All stamped were stamped in Staz-On Saddle Brown ink. Word stamps from Limited Edition and postcard stamp by Stamp Francisco. I am ashamed to say that I don’t know who manufactured the fantastic plate of ship stamps; one of those times that I didn’t write the company name down straight away and now it’s forgotten. If you know who made these stamps, I’d love to hear from you.

Hope you fare well on your travels this week!


MMM Maps

Maps are the theme for Mixed Media Monday this week! I LOVE maps – they tells us so much about our surrounds and other parts of the world. I am also a girl that can read maps (believe it or not!). The map used in this piece has been saved for such a special occasion. It shows the way from home to our usual holiday destination in the Otway ranges, not far from Lavers Hill (it’s been covered up with the doorway). The house location is just near the bird’s beak – it is set next to the State Forest, between towering eucalyptus trees, but close enough to the ocean that we can hear the waves roaring at night.

So here is my ode to maps and the birds and trees in the Otway ranges.

Home sweet Home

After creating a rough sketch in my notebook, I cut out pieces of thick board to shape and covered them with the selected map pieces. They were placed in a flower press overnight to help them dry flat. A coat of Gesso was applied to tone down the bright map colours. Next I outlined the pieces with a black Derwent pencil and coloured in the Autumn Leaves bird (by Rhonna Farrer). I took these colours into the border. Added some gold highlights. Stuck on the doorway and the bird, with double sided tape. Text by hand with black Derment pencil. Punched holes, added eyelets and linked the pieces together with jump rings. Stuck icy pole sticks on with double sided tape. Found a stick in my yard to tie the piece onto with black ribbon and bows (it’s sitting just out of the photo).

I’m pleased with it, even though my husband couldn’t understand why the bird needed a map. I pointed out that that was the point – she didn’t need the map, so she could build her house with it.

Keep your spirit alive by creating art!