GPP No 53 ~ Mad Scientists

Crusaders, this month we must go forth bravely and mix colours!

Michelle Ward has challenged us to create and name new colours in GPP No 53 – Mad Scientists.

As luck would have it, I have been doing a spot of paint mixing these last few weeks.

Firstly I created Spicy Cinnamon, to match some scrapbooking paper I’m using to create “Journal Jumps” (inspired by Samantha Kira Harding, Somerset Studio – March/April 2011 p84).

Mixed Media art journal

The paper is a dark red / maroon and my red paint needed quite a bit of terracotta (light brown) with a touch of darker brown and cream.

The second colour I blended was an attempt to make cream, which I was using for the background in my journal jumps. I’m almost out of Warm White and thought (?!?!) I could create an off-white blend by adding a little yellow / light bone to lots of white.

Sometimes I do really wonder what I was thinking! At times, it’s like my inner toddler just won’t believe it can’t work out just as I imaged it will! Having said that, I did really like the colour I came up with – it’s the depths of winter here and it was like a ray of sunlight had hit the page and brought a smile to my face. So I’m naming this colour Sunny Glow.

I liked this so much I even added a daub of colour into my sketchbook and added notes on how I had made it (unlike the Spicy Cinnamon, which I needed to replicate and hadn’t written down which colours or approx how much of each!)

Thanks for visiting, Crusaders ~ and to Michelle for creating another great challenge (I was a bit worried when I initially saw the wall painting!) This is so much fun. I’m sure I will do some more paint mixing before the month ends.

Happy Crusading!

P.S. Please leave a comment – I will be along to see your work soon!

12 responses to this post.

  1. Michelle – bravo for attempting to recreate cream, but yielding Sunny Glow. And for another cool mix, Spicy Cinnamon! I love hearing your enthusiasm for making your own colors and enjoying the process. Thanks for getting us kick-started on this crusade!!


  2. Ooh, I love the warm colors you created. I use a lot of that Sunny Glow kind of color in my backgrounds too, although mine is more of an aging paper sort of tone, and I didn’t mix it myself. Glad it seems to have become a favorite!


  3. Great mixes Crusader! I love your “inner toddler” reference. I never think about making my own ivory either. Good idea!! Best wishes from germany, tj


  4. Great colours, and love the names. I’d have done the same to get cream I suspect…


  5. Great post! Love the process of discovery – finding a great new blend even though it wasn’t at all what you set out to do. Happy accidents are the best!


  6. Great job! You are so brave to be mixing ‘cream’. Thanks for the inspiration!


  7. Hi there, love your sunny glow! So warm and friendly. Sometimes an accident can be a positive thing …Great mix, dear crusader!


  8. Great colours – this was such fun! Looks like you had a great time playing with paint!


  9. Love the way you did the challenge. Thanks for the description.


  10. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Enjoy reading your post.


  11. We are having way too much fun with this, accessing our inner toddlers and making sunlight. Love your colors–I think the cinnamon works. It’s smart, indeed, to write down how you got to a color–because the steps will vanish when you leave your studio!


  12. […] month we made new colours and named them – I had two goes with Spicy Cinnamon & Sunny Glow, then a range of Teals.  And this month, Michelle has gone COMPLETELY mad and wants us to create […]


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