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GPP No 53 ~ Mad Scientists

Crusaders, this month we must go forth bravely and mix colours!

Michelle Ward has challenged us to create and name new colours in GPP No 53 – Mad Scientists.

As luck would have it, I have been doing a spot of paint mixing these last few weeks.

Firstly I created Spicy Cinnamon, to match some scrapbooking paper I’m using to create “Journal Jumps” (inspired by Samantha Kira Harding, Somerset Studio – March/April 2011 p84).

Mixed Media art journal

The paper is a dark red / maroon and my red paint needed quite a bit of terracotta (light brown) with a touch of darker brown and cream.

The second colour I blended was an attempt to make cream, which I was using for the background in my journal jumps. I’m almost out of Warm White and thought (?!?!) I could create an off-white blend by adding a little yellow / light bone to lots of white.

Sometimes I do really wonder what I was thinking! At times, it’s like my inner toddler just won’t believe it can’t work out just as I imaged it will! Having said that, I did really like the colour I came up with – it’s the depths of winter here and it was like a ray of sunlight had hit the page and brought a smile to my face. So I’m naming this colour Sunny Glow.

I liked this so much I even added a daub of colour into my sketchbook and added notes on how I had made it (unlike the Spicy Cinnamon, which I needed to replicate and hadn’t written down which colours or approx how much of each!)

Thanks for visiting, Crusaders ~ and to Michelle for creating another great challenge (I was a bit worried when I initially saw the wall painting!) This is so much fun. I’m sure I will do some more paint mixing before the month ends.

Happy Crusading!

P.S. Please leave a comment – I will be along to see your work soon!