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GPP No.57 ~ All the World’s a Stage

Michelle Ward has asked us to documents the songs we love to sing along to,
in All the World’s a Stage. Here’s my (cut-down) list.

Mixed Media art by Michelle Brown

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

This was added onto the background made in GPP No 55 Disappearing Act

Mixed media artist Michelle Brown

Mixed Media art journal

Happy crusading!

GPP No 54 ~ Mind Games

Last month we made new colours and named them – I had two goes with Spicy Cinnamon & Sunny Glow, then a range of Teals.  And this month, Michelle has gone COMPLETELY mad and wants us to create names, then make colours to match!

Sounds COMPLETELY mad, doesn’t it?!? AND COMPLETELY cool! and fun! So here is what I’ve thrown together for the Street Crusade No 54 Mind Games

GPP No 54 – Mind Games

Where to begin with creating names for colours before having the colours? Michelle had some suggestions; I was thinking about some of my favourite quotes and song lyrics. What caught my attention was a small object sitting my desk; I’m starting a new project next week and I will be learning all about making microphones, and I have a small, shiny disk on my desk that goes into a mircophone, hence where my train of thought ran (or derailed – whichever!)


Microphone Pop

mixed media art painting

Singing Rays

mixed media art painting

Pop-pop Beat

mixed media art painting

I am pleased with the mix of colours – the names seem a little crazy under the light of a new day (may be I shouldn’t be painting after 10pm after a stressful day!).  As I mixed the colours, I added some to an art journal layout (the ONLY page I had pre-gesso’d – UGH!)

mixed media art journal

And, of course, there was lots of paint left over, so lots of colour got added to text sheets for future projects.

mixed media painted backgrounds

Happy crusading! Thanks for leaving your comments and “likes”!

mixed media painting mixed media art journal


Mixed Media Monday – Least Favourite Colour

The challenge over at Mixed Media Monday is to use your least favourite colour. It was easy choosing a colour – PINK is certainly my least favourite colour! The challenge was to find items to use in this piece. As I am definitely not drawn to this colour, I have very little in my stash that is pink. For some reason, I also decided to add another least favourite colour in the form of orange.

Pink and Orange Tennis Ladies

Painted on cereal-box cardboard with gesso and pink and orange paints. Stamps are French Quarter, by See-D’s, stamped with Staz-on Graphite Black. Images from Lisa Vollrath’s Christmas countdown.

For more details on how I put this piece together, visit my website Mixed Media Art.

Happy creating!