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GPP No 50 ~ My “Ta-Da” List for 2011

This month, Michelle Ward has challenged us to review our artwork over the last 12 months and make a “Ta-Da” list.

What a great ideas and here is mine!

Michelle Brown Mixed Media Art 2011

I am quite impressed that I did get so many projects started (and mostly finished), especially with the amount of work and work-related travel I did in 2011.

While I was creating my list, I found the best record was the photos I had taken of my work, so I used iPhoto as my reference. Then I realised I had a pictorial Ta-Da list right there, I just needed to turn it into a collage. Not being Photoshop savvy, I turned to Google to find me a photo mosaic software (free and online, of course). After a few minutes in Shape Collage, here is my pictorial Ta-Da list.

Mixed Media artwork

More mixed media artwork by Michelle Brown

The same 37 photos are in both; I just rearranged them so some could be seen better. If you would like to try this yourself, you can find Shape Collage here. There is a tutorial video to follow and it’s simple enough, except for saving the end file. I couldn’t figure out where they were saved but could open them in Preview (on a Mac), then I re-saved them with a different name, which was just as well, because I can’t find the originally saved files. May be that’s because I used the free version.

Anyways, I love the outcome and I’m sure I’ll use it again!

Thank you again, Michelle, for allowing us to shine and say “Ta-Da – look at what I have done!”

Happy Crusading!

P.S. I’d love you to leave a comment – I will visit you; I promise!