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Some more Art Journal fun!

Luck Art Journal Page

I sneaked into the Pictures to Page craft show last weekend and happen to find some Claudine Hellmuth stamps on sale! When I found both the inny and outy bits, I knew I was destined to have them! The “inny” bits are foam stamps that let you block in the colour. The “outy” bits have the outline and detail. Often these sets don’t line up too well and this was the case here too, so I had to set my perfectionist aside and get on with it!

Art Journal - Luck page

The purple background was already done. It started with a wash of purple acrylic paints. The purple spots were added with a round sponge. The lighter purple circles were made with a medicine bottle lid. ┬áThe other spots were made with bubble wrap! It also has some gold in it, so I kept to the colour scheme. Also used my Inktense blocks for the purple striped at the bottom (they don’t have a pink that matches) and gold paint. I also used Brilliance inks – Graphite Black, Lightning Black & Pearlescent Lavender, and Chalk inks (because that is about the only pink I own!). The dress pic didn’t turn out too well, so I went over the black line in charcoal pencil. I used one of teh quote rub ons (actually USED it! Amazing! Donna Downey and her Inspiration Wednesday videos have inspired me to use up my stuff! )I love how the little bits of gold pull together and add sparkle.

The doodling with the gold gel pen is actually my favourite part!

Gold gen pen doodling in art journal by Michelle G Brown


After an hour or so, I had SO much fun and a messy desk! And THAT is the best bit – being creative, having ideas and throwing it all together; not worrying about what anyone may think. I love it when I think of something to dig out to include and I am brave enough to not overthink the process!

Michelle Brown's messy craft desk