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GPP No 49 ~ Forensic Self Portrait

This month over at GPP Street Team Crusades, Michelle has challenged us to document a snapshot of ourselves in a Forensic Self Portrait.

After reading through the challenge and visiting the other Crusaders (and leaving comments!), I was keen to jump in, but the idea of creating a journal page was leaving me feeling ho-hum. I was thinking about how some Crusaders used pockets, some used tags and I liked that idea. Others created amazing books or portfolios; these really seemed to capture my attention.

I let these ideas sift through my brain for a day or so, then my idea fell into place; I’d create a folio, using envelopes as pockets and tags for adding the “forensic” information. I have some gorgeous envelopes that I didn’t want to just send through the post – they are cream and embossed with flowers; they would make great pockets. I can make the outer cover with a sheet of manilla cardboard and make my own enclosure like those old fashioned folders, with string to wrap around the eyelets to keep it closed.

I ended up using large brads as the eyelets I had weren’t big enough. Under the large circle, there is a smaller cardboard “washer”, so that it would sit up a bit and make it easier to thread the string around it. The string is waxed twine, originally bought for Coptic book binding stitching.

The inside pockets are made from closing each envelop, cutting it into half and then sticking them together, along the centre line. Here 3 envelopes were used, creating 6 pockets. These were then stuck into the cover.

Each tag has a heading and brightly coloured fibres added, with a little list under each heading.

I like the idea of Michelle’s advice: “Take mental notes about everything that defines you Right Now.  Things change… you will love to look back on it.”. We think we have good memories as humans, but unless we do stop and take note and document or record, even with photos, these details are lost.

Happy creating!