GPP No 50 ~ My “Ta-Da” List for 2011

This month, Michelle Ward has challenged us to review our artwork over the last 12 months and make a “Ta-Da” list.

What a great ideas and here is mine!

Michelle Brown Mixed Media Art 2011

I am quite impressed that I did get so many projects started (and mostly finished), especially with the amount of work and work-related travel I did in 2011.

While I was creating my list, I found the best record was the photos I had taken of my work, so I used iPhoto as my reference. Then I realised I had a pictorial Ta-Da list right there, I just needed to turn it into a collage. Not being Photoshop savvy, I turned to Google to find me a photo mosaic software (free and online, of course). After a few minutes in Shape Collage, here is my pictorial Ta-Da list.

Mixed Media artwork

More mixed media artwork by Michelle Brown

The same 37 photos are in both; I just rearranged them so some could be seen better. If you would like to try this yourself, you can find Shape Collage here. There is a tutorial video to follow and it’s simple enough, except for saving the end file. I couldn’t figure out where they were saved but could open them in Preview (on a Mac), then I re-saved them with a different name, which was just as well, because I can’t find the originally saved files. May be that’s because I used the free version.

Anyways, I love the outcome and I’m sure I’ll use it again!

Thank you again, Michelle, for allowing us to shine and say “Ta-Da – look at what I have done!”

Happy Crusading!

P.S. I’d love you to leave a comment – I will visit you; I promise!

9 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by on January 10, 2012 at 3:04 pm

    Thank you for stopping by my site and for taking the time to leave a comment! I really appreciate it… and your pictorial collage is really terrific, thank you for including a link to be able to make my own! Lots and lots of wonderful work shown there, kudos to you for all you accomplished in 2011!!! 😀


  2. SUCH a great idea and a shot of inspiration.
    You’ve motivated me to take more more more shots this year!


  3. Michelle – bravo for your ta-da list! Like you, I found that going through my photos (and my blog posts) helped me remember all that I did in the past year. Love this photo montage as evidence. Thanks for sharing the tool with the team, as well as your accomplishments for the year. On ward to 2012 – may your list be just as fulfilling!


  4. What a fun way to visualize everything that you accomplished in 2011. I’m workin gon my Ta Da list for the GPP Crusade as well. Congrats!


  5. Love what you have done here! So many great ideas for the same challenge :o)


  6. Great lists and love the photo montage idea. In the bottom one I can see a blue background with white daisies and the word imagine – love it 🙂


  7. I LOVE this mosaic of your photos! What a great idea! Thank you for this, because I had no idea that Shape Collage existed.

    You’ve gotten a lot done, and it really is hard to realize how much one can do in a year, isn’t it? Thank goodness for iPhoto!


  8. Posted by Daphne on January 28, 2012 at 8:15 am

    This is really a fabulous effort, and gorgeous outcome. Thanks for sharing.


  9. What a great idea and thanks so much for sharing the link. I love photo mosaics and yours are really gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.


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