GPP No. 58 ~ Girls on Film

Our challenge this month for the GPP Street Crusade is to get out from behind the camera; not something I do too often (as can be seen in the 3,000 odd photos we have taken this year! Lots of the boys; very few of me.)

I was planning on getting a good pic on Christmas Day but we all got so busy with people coming and going that we didn’t get to do our usual family pics. There was another day that taking photos of me crossed my mind, but didn’t get any there either.

Ethan took this one yesterday, but I realise it doesn’t really show my face.

Melbourne Australia

So I have bitten the bullet (so to speak) and had this taken especially.

More exciting – here are my bright red toe nails; painted especially for the festive season.

It’s summer here and holidays, so no shoes for me!

Happy crusading!

4 responses to this post.

  1. Michelle – first let me thank you for your kind words about the crusades in your comment on the street team blog. It makes me feel validated for my efforts. I LOVE seeing you, especially in the warm sunshine as we are having a cold evening here in NJ (although we can’t complain, it’s been mild by usual standards). I also did not get photos at Christmas – sometimes we just need to live in the moment. I need to get my own photos posted….not too many days left! Thanks for sharing with the team, and for always being an enthusiastic crusader.


  2. p.s. I’m a red toe girl year round 🙂


  3. Your toes are very festive! I know what you mean about getting a photo of yourself – I kept forgetting most of the month – got it done at the last minute.


  4. I have red toenails at the moment too – love them. Really like the hat you’re wearing, looks like you might burn easily? And 3000 photos? WOW!!!


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