GPP No 52 ~ Seasonal Wardrobe

This month’s Crusade is to examine our artistic “seasonal wardrobes” and notice which colours we are drawn to as the season’s change.

Autumn and Winter Colours

It’s winter in the southern hemisphere and my latest canvas has been done in colours of warm purples and reds, with a little yellow thrown in. I’m not ready to share it yet as it’s not quite finished!

Mixed Media Art autumn colours

I had also completed an art journal layout in similar colours. Interestingly, I was halfway through the canvas before realising that I was using the same paints as I had for this journal layout!

Here are a few close ups:


Spring and Summer Colours

Another set of colours I am drown to use are the greens and yellows. These seems to be more part of my summer colour pallet.

This art journal layout was a trial for a collaborative book page, due at the end of the month.

Here are a few close ups:



Thank you to Michelle and all the GPP Crusaders, for drawing our attention to what we often do unconsciously as artists.

You are more that welcome to leave a comment or add your “like”!

Happy Crusading!


13 responses to this post.

  1. There’s really only one thing to say – that purple ROCKS!


  2. I always love Reds and Purples too! Whatever the season… 🙂 But yes, in Spring and summer you just can’t go without a bright green and some yellows.
    Funny how seasons – and Mother Nature – is influencing us in our art.


  3. Posted by Maria on June 20, 2011 at 4:42 am

    Hi Michelle–thanks for stopping by my blog! Love your seasonal schemes! the purples/reds are so dynamic!! one of my faves! really like how you put the stamped image in the yellow “spotlight”–i will have to try that! thanks for the inspiration!


  4. Love your color combos! I really liked the softness of the spring and summer palette; I will have to give those colors a try!


  5. Love the full saturation in those colors—it’s great to come across those when flipping through a journal! Bold colors and great details–thanks for giving us a peek at your work in progress!


  6. Michelle – thanks for sharing both of your palette choices that you recognize as seasonal. Fun to see the paint colors in the bottle and what you do with them. I have been loving seeing everyone’s favorites and what they put together as a palette either as a seasonal wardrobe or as a default collection.


  7. Love your palettes. Great to see your materials.


  8. Beautiful colors for both your palettes. Like the depth you get.
    Thanks for commenting on my post.


  9. What rich colour combos! I love the purple red – so vibrant and rich and the greems so calm and serene. Lovely pages.


  10. Red and purple have always been favorite colors of mine. Love to see your canvas with them! I like the spring colors too, very much the same as my spring colors. Green and yellow just seem to work 🙂 I love the images hidden among your colors, too. Are they stamps, or transfers of some sort?


  11. The green is beautiful! Love the images behind the paint! Very beautiful layout! The purple is too die for too!


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