GPP No 50 ~ In Case of Emergency

Thank goodness for the Green Pepper Press Crusades! If not for Michelle and fellow Crusaders, I may not get any crafting done for myself at all! This months “evidence” builds on last month’s, to look at those we turn to “In Case of Emergency“!

I started with a credit-card painted background, then grunged it up a little as it needed a border and added the heading.

Mixed Media Art Journal backgroundMixed media art photos

I had a few photos I wanted to use but was amazed that many of my “go-to” people had not had recent photos taken! I will have to fix that very soon. My grandparents are in their late 80’s / 90’s and the kids grow so fast; photos and video are a fantastic way to remind us of those special people and occasions.

To fit all of the photos in, I created flaps to allow them to overlap and the journalling to be written on the back. Here is the layout with the flaps closed:

Mixed Media art journal

With the flaps open, you can see the journalling.

I also added more photos ~ a series of 6. I couldn’t choose just one of the photos with the great-grandkids and the grandparents; between the 6 kids, there is only one photo with all of them in it and then Grandma isn’t looking…. always the way when there are lots of children involved! I also added a few tabs to include my extended family. These were all mounted on my favourite cardboard ~ cereal boxes ~ so they would sit up and create depth.

family photos

Thanks for another great Crusade! Now we have a file for where to go, in case of an…

😉 *smiles*



7 responses to this post.

  1. Michelle – great spread! Love the photos! Love that this crusade made you realize you need to have more (updated) photos of the people in your life. Love the flaps, with the personal thoughts included underneath. Love that the crusade prompted you to be creative this month – amazing how time can fly right? Thanks for sharing with the team!


  2. This is awesome! I love the heading with the stencil font, one of my favorites. I also like the way you tucked items into the flaps. Very cool!


  3. Love the richness of your background & inventive use of flaps to store all the information & addition photographs.

    Glad you found some time to create xx


  4. Isn’t it funny how our most important people are often the least photographed? I suspect it’s cos they are always there. Love what you’ve done; the flaps are great.


  5. I love the journaling under the flaps. Thanks for sharing!


  6. Okay, can we talk?! Cereal boxes are the BEST!! Except I like me a manilla envelope or two. You are so right about GPP Crusades, because they motivate and inspire, and have you EVER seen any of Michelle’s friends not be groovy? Creative, passionate, and loving. That brings us back for more. What you’ve done here is inspiriing to me because you kept going! You journaled and labeled and added great colors. Thanks for sharing this.


  7. Posted by fabricfan on June 6, 2011 at 11:41 am

    I love seeing the photos of the family, it is such a joyous page. I think I may do another photo page for myself.


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