GPP No. 46 – What’s your hang up?

Another scary challenge over at GPP’s Street Team Crusade – this month is asking “What’s your hang up?” and Michelle wants us to display our artwork on our walls and in our homes – right where people can see it!?!?!? Can you believe it? Is there no end to the boundaries Michelle will continue to challenge us with? LOL!

So rather than find a piece of work I wanted to hang, I thought I’d approach it the other way around and find a frame that I could then make something to fit it. As luck would have it, I was at the local church garage sale (aka yard sale or jumble sale) and I found not one, but FIVE cute little frames.

I cut out five pieces of card that would fit the frames and covered each one with a different map.

Then gesso’d over them to homogenise them.

Then I had to decide what to do with them. I considered making a word (with a letter in each frame) or doing a painting on each one (inspired by some work I had seen on Etsy recently), then decided to use some stamps to add bold, black images on each of them.

Stamps: Pear & Dragonfly by Collections, M by Stampers Anonymous, Butterfly by Stampington & co, Girls by All Night Media

Now they needed some colour (but not too much) so I got out my giant set of Faber-Castell pencils (don’t they look fantastic ~ I think I spend more time looking at them than using them! There is a third tray, below the lower tray).

I was happy with the results but has to adjust them a bit as the frame surround was quite thick and hid some of the images. Then they went into the frames.

I did note that taking photos of frames with glass is a little tricker, trying not to get the light reflection in the shot. Now they are ready to display on the bookshelf.

Thanks to Michelle for another challenging crusade. I may even try a real size piece of artwork before the month ends!

Happy crusading,


16 responses to this post.

  1. hi Michelle, gosh you are quick off the mark šŸ™‚

    thank you for your comment on my blog earlier today

    I like your idea of framing a little series of smaller pictures, maybe I could do something like that….

    I don’t have anything ready made that is “frame worthy”, so I need to find time to make something.

    It will be fun to make something for me, 99% of things I make are either for round robins or gifts for other people

    take care,



  2. Hi Michelle, thanks for showing your process! I really like the dragonfly – the colours are lovely!


  3. Michelle – thank you for admitting you found this scary….that means you really stretched yourself to take on the challenge. Yay! Terrific idea to start with the frames, then do-your-thing for them. Bravo!! Great job – they are super fab and fun! I agree with you – taking photos of glass is tough….I had to aim from the side too.

    Sarah’s point is a good one – many of us create for other pursposes and rarely make stuff for ourselves. I love that this crusade will get us to think selfishly, and that we can enjoy making ourselves a priority.

    Personally – I want to say it was an extra bonus to see these as you selected the “M” image (for ‘michelle”, right?) which is one of my designs for Stampers Anonymous šŸ™‚ Cool!


  4. Hi, Michelle! Beautiful works of art. You are so wise to start off small and just do something for fun, instead of pressuring yourself to create “a work of art”. That could be overwhelming! Love your pretty pieces and I am sure you will enjoy seeing your own art up on your walls! šŸ™‚


  5. Posted by Elena Nosyreva on November 8, 2010 at 9:07 am

    Fabulous work, Michelle!


  6. Okay, this is GREAT. I love the way you processed this challenge, and the pieces are fabulous!


  7. Those trays of pencils are awesome! I feel quite envious šŸ˜‰ I really like that you found the frames then created the works, and the final result is very cool.


  8. Love these and loved seeing your process!! I like the dragonfly stamp (for some reason I’ve been seeing dragonflies everywhere since spring) Lovely colors too!


  9. What a cool idea! thanks for sharing the process, and the pics of your fabulous pencil set – I’m jealous!
    I love the stamps you used; do you remember where you acquired the dragonfly one? Very cool!!!


  10. Posted by K Hutchinson on November 16, 2010 at 7:34 am

    OMG what a fabulous idea! I love them!


  11. These are gorgeous! Love the way you shared your process of creation! Very inspiring!


  12. Great job! They turned out very nice!


  13. Clever idea to do this grouping. It’s really sweet.
    As for not thinking any of your art was frameworthy…
    Hold an empty frame over existing work & see how different it looks. It’s kind of like the difference of wearing no makeup & putting on mascara & lip gloss. LOL
    But you may be pleasantly surprised. You can also cut 2 “L” shapes of paper to hold against your art to work as a temporary mat to help you see the posibilites of different crops of your work.


  14. I love the result of the five little frames. I bet it will looks lovely on the wall.


  15. Posted by fabricfan on January 9, 2011 at 9:01 am

    Those are so neat. A really lovely grouping.


  16. These are amazing! I haven’t gotten around to this crusade yet…. I think perhaps I should have taken your approach and found a frame first!!!!

    Love the stamps you have used…. and the subtle colouring. I can see why you love your pencils so much šŸ™‚



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