GPP Crusade No. 45 ~ Back to Back

The challenge has been issued to us again by Michelle at the GPP Street Team Crusade and this  month we are creating “back to back” layouts, using the same background, along with all of the previous Crusade techniques to create a variety of layouts.

I started by finding some backgrounds I had made using the credit card painting technique that were buried in my “Stamped Images & Work In Progress” box. These were cut to the size of greeting cards.

Firstly, I remembers our shape study and set about creating lots of circles.

Then replicated the grid technique

For the third iteration, I pulled out some tissue paper, scrunched, inked, stamped and glued.

For the finale, I pulled out some word and letter stamps to create a montage of text and words and shapes.

Now I have a collection of great cards for my RAK list.

Happy Crusading, Team,



7 responses to this post.

  1. Michelle – I spy the scraped paper in the circle collage – cool! Loved seeing you revisit some crusades to make this array of cards for your RAK list. Each so different and artsy – a fun card to get! Bravo for trying it all again – I think you should make copies of these for your journal before you send them out! Thanks for sharing with the team.


  2. Hello Michelle, love those cards you made. Great idea to make color copies, don’t you think. Thanks for visiting my blog.


  3. Wow, these look fab, Michelle, and all so different. Wonderrful!


  4. These are very beautiful outcomes and it’s hard for me to see how they came from the same background! I love the positive and negative differently-sized circles –my fave! Happy creations from tj in germany


  5. I love the grid technique – gonna have to backtrack and study that challenge, lol! I also like the circle one – very lyrical. The smushed paper is an interesting concept……I’m working on a really large painting that is calling out for that technique…thanks for bringing it to my attention! Very nice work!


  6. Posted by fabricfan on November 1, 2010 at 5:19 pm

    Way to go, what variety. It is hard to pick a favorite, they are all great.


  7. What a great idea to make cards as you went – all so different, yet all tied together; very cool!


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