MMM ~ Shrines

Mixed Media Monday has shifted to monthly and the theme for this month is Shrines. Having a full month has allowed me to create a more complex piece that I would usually do for the weekly challenge format.

I created this from pieces of card and added layers of old text sheets to strengthen the assembly.

Front with doors closed:



Inside before doors were added:Inside (before doors)


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  1. well done.. thank you for joining in…

    I love the little compartments.


  2. How darling this is…what a great inspiration to see… I can see making these for a grandchild, or a grandparent, a brother or sister, with personalized themes. Wonderful!


  3. wow, its great stuff !!!


  4. I love the vintage-ness of this piece Michelle – and am impressed with the doors, hinges and the lovely little compatments inside! =)


  5. Wow Michelle your shrine is wonderful, great things you have put in it.


  6. A wonderful vintage piece Michelle!


  7. What a wonderful job you did on this shrine. You made this with cards? Wow!


    • Yes, made with card (aka cardboard, strawboard or chipboard, depending on where you were brought up! My father is a printer who tells me there is no such thing as “cardboard”; it is either “card” or “board” depending on thickness)


  8. Your shrine is really lovely and gives me the feeling it was made with someone very special in mind. Great details!


    • Thanks Patty – it was made for my Great-Aunt Elsa Butler who died about this time last year. I was given a boxful of her gorgeous vintage ephemera – she had kept all sorts of things; church group cards, receipts, cards and envelopes. She still had enough unused gift cards to last another 90 years!


  9. Posted by Diane on October 31, 2010 at 9:26 am

    This is a fabulous creation, Michelle – it doesn’t look like it’s made from card. Gorgeous!


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