Mixed Media Monday – Art

This week’s theme at Mixed Media Monday is ART

On considering the topic of “art” I come up against the same question often – When is craft art? Can I really call what I do “art” or is it just fancy craft stuff? As I was putting this art journal layout together, I realised that many of the arts / crafts I had listed were “ing” words – doing words (aka verbs!)….

Does this mean that the process of crafting results in art? The verb creating the noun?

Anyways, I started with a painted art journal page, done in monotone greens.

I added “craft” and “art” using Making Memories mixed font foam stamps in white and black paint. “When” was stamped using the Basic Grey alphabet stamps with grey paint. Text was handwritten in black, white and silver gel pens.

Thanks for stopping by…

x Michelle




5 responses to this post.

  1. This is a lovely piece both in design and thought. I have always interwoven art and craft as a whole !


  2. The never-ending question. So many ideas about what art is, what craft is. I bump into it all the time! Nicely done!


  3. I think anything you create with your heart and hands is art, but that’s just me. love the movement and color.



  4. Posted by mixedmediamonday on October 3, 2010 at 12:45 pm

    Beautiful art Michelle – and yes you can definitely call it art! Diane


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