Collections at Paperific

It was the end of August and time to head to the Melbourne Showgrounds for Paperific – celebrating their 10th birthday this year!  The main reason I head out to the showgrounds each year is to see Julie Van Oosten and her Collections; to see what new offerings she has created. Jenny Crossley was also on-hand to help out!

And this year we were not disappointed – Julie has some very cute kits, with angel wings and butterflies. There was also a new range of papers that included some sky blue and turquoise green.

Julie is always so happy to share her techniques with everyone that visits and generously allows people to take photos, to jog the memory once they return home with their goodies. There were people who had come from New Zealand, rural Victoria and even Perth (Her home town), as well as across Melbourne, just to see the Collections collection.

I also had the chance to help Julie and Jenny out on the stand;

Taken in a hurry, this self portrait shows a grin of pure delight. Thanks Julie and Jenny! Now it’s time to go and cut and stick something…


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