GPP Crusade No. 41 – Grid Lock

We are back on the Crusade trail this week! And Michelle and the Green Pepper Press Street Team are in Grid Lock. So we have hauled out our art journals and created a grid. As an engineer, I LOVE grids and order and structure, so I was in heaven!

I took this art journal / altered book page that I had already over painted. I kept the apple image and collected the bits and pieces around me to cut into squares.

I decided on a “cute” square size of about 4cm, with a bit of a gap, making my grid at 9cm and then halving it. Then I wanted to have the half squares around the edges, so I indented the start of the grid, then marked out the 4.5cm squares. I debated about not actually marking the grid with a pencil on my painted background but decided it would be much easier to align each square if the grid was drawn in, so the pencil lines add a certain grunginess about it.

Next I cut up a variety of papers into 4cm squares using my trusty Centipede cutter and laid them out on the page, taking care not to sneeze. I am always amazed at how patterns and structure appears when I am trying to arrange the squares to seem random. This was the first layout.

I needed another two colours / papers so cut those and rearrange the squares. By standing back and squinting, I took the colour and pattern composition into consideration – not too many solid blue squares together; not having two of the same paper touching, even as diagonals (didn’t quite succeed there). This was the final layout – can YOU spot the difference?

Next I edged each square with either denim or sepia ink. Some were direct to paper from the ink pad. Some were using a sponge or stippling brush.  Then I finally stuck each square down carefully, taking care not to turn the squares around the wrong way. I used double sided tape for the thicker ones and PVA glue for the rest. To add a little more grunginess, I added some white gel pen and dark blue pencil lines over the pencil lies, but only at intervals and for some sections.

This was so much fun – I had it completed in a few hours. This layout is on the right hand side of the spread. I may extend the grid across the left hand side to complete the layout. I may even turn the grid 90 degrees and turn my hand at diamonds. I shall report back.

Fare thee well, fellow Crusaders. May all of ye avaid the grid lock….




17 responses to this post.

  1. Yummy!


  2. Michelle – well done! Love how you took us through the process. The page is wonderful. Love how some of the modules surprise us with a torn edge. And the tags are a great addition. Thanks for sharing with the team!!


  3. Oh, it’s wonderful! The apple is my favorite part.


  4. The tags, musical paper and lattice squares go so great together, and it’s all working around that shiny apple. I’m a new crusader… this is really fun seeing what everybody comes up with. Happy creations, tj in germany


  5. The journal page appeared so beautifully.


  6. I love this. It’s a bit grungy looking but still classic because of the colour and types of papers. Very nice!


  7. The tags are my favourite. Thanks for showing how you put your page together. I like learning about the “how’ just as much as seeing the end result.

    PS – Isn’t Jenny Crossley just the greatest?


  8. What a wonderful grid! Thanks for sharing your process.


  9. You asked if we could spot the difference. Argh! It took me a while LOL. I really enjoyed reading about the thorough process you went through; I could picture all the steps.


  10. that is awesome!


  11. @ Cath – I had trouble “spotting the difference” myself. While writing the post, I ended up with the same photo twice, and could not figure out the differences, before realising what I had done!

    @ everyone – thanks for all of your comments. If you are after more “Step-by-step” projects, come and join the team over at
    We send out a new technique sheet each month


  12. Great to see how you made this wonderful page, love all the elements.


  13. Really beautiful, and thank you for explaining your workflow ! Checking our the link you gave, always interested in learning new things 😉


  14. Posted by fabricfan on July 1, 2010 at 10:56 am

    Beautiful. I like looking at all the different ways of doing this grid crusade.


  15. Posted by belinda on July 6, 2010 at 1:19 am

    fabulous, love the blue. such a pleasure to discover all the details!


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  17. It’s wonderful, Michelle – I really like the variety of paper in your strips. Thanks for sharing your technique.


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