The book that Jenny (Crossley) made…

Beachhouse Boulevard hosted their annual retreat / stamp camp / scrapbooking weekend in early June 2010.  This year’s guest artist was Jenny Crossley, of A Mark in Time fame, known for her industrial jewellery and wonderful art book making.

Jenny Crossley (left) & Michelle

Our project for the weekend was a beautiful art book, filled with vintage images, found objects and antiqued papers, bound in four signatures with ribbon or string.  There was a frenzy of antiquing, gluing, sanding and edging; and that was just to prepare the pages. Then the decorating began.  After many hours work, we had all finished our books.

As usual, the pictures do not do this work of art justice. It is so much better when you can pick it up and touch it and see how the light reflects off the mica and embellishments.

Many thanks must go to Monika and Mick, who host a fantastic retreat, each year. And also to Jenny for sharing her brilliant artwork and for her enthusiasm.

Also a huge thank you to all of the class participants: this book was such a lot of work and everyone helped one another out at different stages, regardless of experience level. And the encouragement between everyone was heartwarming.


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  1. I love your grid – the blues, the apple, the layering! Just great!!


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