GPP Crusade No 39 – Pulling Prints

Michelle Ward, at the helm of the Green Pepper Press Street Team Crusades, has raised the bar, yet again. This month we have been challenged to Pull Prints, with monoprinting. Now, I have tried monoprinting before and been left disappointed with the results, but I have faith in Michelle and was willing to give it a go again.

First I gathered my supplies. I don’t have any Tyvek, so I used scrap paper, then some of the cereal box inserts.

Gathering supplies for monoprinting

I decided for the base to use come cardboard covered with cereal box plastic. My first prints were a little too wet and splodgy.

First mono printsFirst mono prints

Then I found a large sheet of glass and decided to give that a go. Again, the initial prints were too wet and the red paint was very thick. As more prints were pulled, the texture get more interesting.

mono printing in redATC size mono prints

Third try with less red paint and on top of the previous paint on the glass.

More mono printing

By this time I was getting a little weary. I cut a heart from plastic film, added a bit more red paint and gave it one last go…

mono printing hearts one and two

These were the first two, as per Michelle’s instructions. Then I “repainted” the glass and tried again…

mono printing with red paint and heart template

I think I’m beginning to get the hang of it. Lessons learned:

1. Get everything ready before you begin, including paper towel to clean off the glass when changing colours

2. Have LOTS of card stock on hand

3. Read Michelle’s instructions first, rather than while the paint is drying on the glass

4. Have fun playing and try not to get too stressed when it doesn’t look just like Michelle’s

Now I have to go and clean up my mess – well, I am letting all of the prints dry first…

Thanks again to Michelle and all the members of the Street Team.



11 responses to this post.

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  2. michelle – what a great post! thanks so much for sharing with the team your honest tries at monoprinting. you’ve done exactly what i hoped….kept at it until you started getting interested in your own results. it just takes a little practice don’t you think? before long you knew how much paint to apply, etc. loved your *lessons learned* tips. everything looks great – especially the pile of papers. you did it – put in the time and taught yourself something. bravo!!!


  3. HAHA! “Read Michelle’s instructions first rather than while the paint is drying on the glass”. That sounds just like what I would do. I will be sure to read all before starting. Looks like you had fun.


  4. You did a great job! I also enjoyed your ‘Lessons Learned’ tips. Thanks for sharing!


  5. I am glad you stuck it out!! Cuz I think the pinkish hearts are awesome! I appreciate your tips~I hate reading directions too!! xoSusan


  6. i hate directions too! and sometimes mistakes turn out to be something you never expected and liked. these are Great! my fav is the first heart on the right, how it looks so “artily random”!


  7. What a fun !!
    Thank you for sharing each and every detail in this post.


  8. I tried first very thin tyvek and that didn’t work out for me, later with acetate I had much better results. This crusade was a real learning experience, don’t you think? I love the way you show how it all went. Thanks Helen


  9. HA! I know what you mean about reading all the instructions! Getting all the supplies ready! But you know, I love your hearts! I think you got the texture and effect that WORKs, for adding to collages or making cards with or just anything! It’s yummy.


  10. I agree that it does take some practice. I found that by using a brayer or sponge brush, I could get a nice thin layer of paint on the glass. My biggest challenge was to not keep the paper on the glass too long because i used a second brayer to make a good print & the paint would try to hold the paper to the glass like glue. Ooops.
    You got some nice results once you got going. thanks for sharing your adventure in detail to help remind us of things we should do to make the process go more smoothly.


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