GPP Street Crusade No 38 – Grab a tissue

GPP Crusade Grab a Tissue

This month, Crusaders, our household has been besieged by plague and pestilence alike (hubby had pneumonia and the boys had head lice) but I have struggle bravely on, in this quest for sharpening our artistic skills and ultimately, art perfection.

Michelle Ward has challenged us to “grab a tissue” for the GPP Street Crusade and incorporate tissue paper into our layout this month. I was excited by this as I have a TONNE (both metric and empirical) of tissue paper in the form of my grandmothers old dress patterns. Initially I took them in to use the great sketches on the front covers. But I soon discovered that each packet had heaps of tissue paper inside, and how could I call myself a “Mixed Media Artist”, let along a true “paper crafter” if I had discarded all of it!?!?! Needless to say, I had adequate tissue paper on hand for this project. On closer inspection, I also found that not only did I have the usual brown tissue paper, but some of the patterns were made from white tissue! Oh joy indeed!

The details of making this layout can be found over at our Mixed Media Art companion site.

Mixed media art journalling with paints and tissue paper

As with all of Michelle’s Crusades, I had lots of fun. Using tissue paper when there is lots of it really does release my creativity. I am happy to play when I’m not “wasting” something I have been saving. Here is a close up pic.

Writing detail in art journal

Green and purple are not colours I would usually use together. I had my mind set on green (my favourite colour and also the same Michelle had used) but I had purple paint on my paintbrush for another project and, not wanting to waste any paint, used it up on the gesso’d tissue paper.

Ink used is Brilliance Graphite black – a little wetter than Staz0n, as I was worried that Stazon may tear the tissue paper, as it can get a little sticky. Stamps from See-D’s Perfectly Paisley set.

Fair well, Crusaders.



12 responses to this post.

  1. The purple and green work really well together. I’m going to try some colors outside my own comfort range. (Another advantage of abundant tissue paper!)


  2. Michelle – I agree with you that having something in abundance can release your creativity. You can work with it with total abandon as it doesn’t hold a preciousness. Even if we didn’t have stashes of tissue it is easily attained, repurposed, or purchased on the cheap. Thanks for sharing your page with the team. Hope all is better on the homefront this week.


  3. Oh man…nothing worse than plague AND pestilence..glad you were able to escape a little bit and come to the crusades! Lovely project you have here!


  4. This is perfectly beautiful! Purple and green is my fave combination followed by pink and green. The strips give it lots of interest. I’m going to the link to see how you did it.


  5. oh my! this is STUNNING. wow. i can’t stop staring at its awesomeness 🙂 great stuff.


  6. Love your pages and the way you used the tissue paper. Hope things are better at the family front. I know all about headlice, aah!! Helen


  7. Love the colors and the stripy paper ! Awesome play, Crusader !
    Cheers !


  8. really effective page. I love green & purple together and paisley is one of my favorite motifs.


  9. Awesome !! What a beautiful play !


  10. Love the color combinations. I’m catching up with all my fellow participants in this challenge…First time to enter for me…it was fun! I hope things are improving around your house.


  11. I love your color combinations and the page turned out lovely.


  12. Posted by K Hutchinson on April 1, 2010 at 4:17 am

    I love the strips- the effect is so RAD! love it!


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