GPP Crusade No 36 – Braving the elements

The Green Pepper Press Crusade has returned for 2010 to Brave the Elements. Now these northern hemisphere girls are braving the cold of winter and thinking of snowflakes. Snowflakes!?! I think I may have seen snow once – brrrrr! too cold for me!

Here we are braving the summer elements; scorching hot sun, blustery northerly winds that dry your eyes out and still in the middle of a drought. And my Tomato Jungle is surviving in these conditions.

I had an absolute ball creating this today and am very pleased with the results. I think I have stuck to the one hour time frame, although not in all one sitting. Can you see the ripening tomatoes peeking out? They take so long to turn red, even in this heat. Here are some more of the details.

The stencils were cut from scrap paper, using a real tomato leave as a template. I had one that was much bigger but it was just too big for the layout. The tomatoes were stenciled using a 1″ hole punch to create that template.

The stenciling with gesso didn’t give much contrast and neither did the light green, but the dark green paint provided the best contrast against the background.

I’ll include some details on creating the background and the gesso resistance technique over at the Mixed Media Art site.

Thank you once again goes to Michelle Ward to helping us to rise to the challenge and sharing her passion for simple techniques that give stunning results! And for giving us a time frame! No excuses this time.




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  1. Michelle – these are fabulous! Love the warmth of the garden colors, and the tomato leaves. Thanks for sharing your work, and your in process details….and your enthusiasm for the experience. Love hearing that you had a ball 🙂


  2. Posted by imelda on January 7, 2010 at 4:43 am

    It snows in Holland tonight once again. And your pages give a bit of a sunny feeling.


  3. Really like your layering. The greens are yummy. I’m going to be using pinks and browns.

    Thanks for all the photos.


  4. These pages are lovely, the green makes me think of Spring, too (it is 34˚ f) here-after a low of 18˚ f.


  5. LOVELY stencil & great inspiration for it.


  6. Oh, this is GORGEOUS! I love the greens and the tomato leaves.


  7. Posted by allmimsey on January 7, 2010 at 11:52 am

    This is beautiful…I’ve really just started having fun with stencils and I love the layering of form and color you’ve done here. Thanks so much for looking at my blog, too.


  8. This is way cool! I love how you personalized the project and made it truly yours.


  9. Fantastic stencilling. Really inspiring colors, love the way your pages turned out.


  10. Hello Michelle,

    I couldn’t figure out where you are from, but I guess it’s not on the northern part of the earth 🙂

    Here in Belgium it’s cold and we had some snow… I like how you adapted the theme to your life using the same techniques we used.

    Great idea to use a real leaf as a template.

    greetings from Belgium


  11. I have to say that it is nice to see the focus on green and tomatoes during my cold New England winter. It looks like you had a fun time playing with paint and the stencils. Isn’t Michelle great ?
    Nice job, Crusader ! Cheers !


  12. This gives me hope that summer will return to us again one day. And reminds me of a recipe for fried green tomatoes. Beautiful work!


  13. I love that you interpreted this challenge to fit your weather. Beautiful!!


  14. Those ripening tomatoes are fabulous. You’re right, that dark green really makes the image pop out, especially with the red text for contrast.
    I’m with you – it’s hot as heck here today. Personally a wee sprinkling of snow would suit me 😉


  15. These pages are so wonderful, my eyes thirst for green in the landscape, but I’ll settle for these beautiful pages! The stencils you cut are awesome, and the little tomatoes adorable. Great work!xoSusan


  16. This is so creative! The green is very nice. We have a vegetable garden in the summer and these pages make me think I’m ready for Spring!


  17. This is so pretty…I’ve just looked through all the crusades and I have to say I find your palette here VERY refreshing.. well done!


  18. It’s lovely to see this deep green take on the prompt. It feels like a winter/summer contrast.


  19. Love the deep green and the images of growing plants in warm places, stuck in winter here!


  20. Posted by fabricfan on February 4, 2010 at 11:26 am

    Lovely pages, I enjoyed reading the other challenges that you enter as well.


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