GPP No. 28 – Portion Control

Michelle Ward has issued another challenge over at Green Pepper Press Street Team, to further explore shapes with Portion Control. My attempt is a parody of my Crusade No 27 shape exploration. It hasn’t quite turned out as I wanted – I may need to explore some new techniques to get the results to match the picture in my head.



For information as to how I created the LHS, you’ll have to visit the earlier post. The right-hand side was done pretty much the same way, but with bits missing; the painted red background wasn’t solid, some circles became outlines, text was added then partially removed with sticky tape. It does add depth and interest, but I think the structured and orderly engineer in me likes the clear cut lines better.

Until the next crusade, fair Crusaders….



8 responses to this post.

  1. michelle – very interesting to see you try portion control next to a non-portion control. bravo for doing it, regardless of the timing. thanks for sharing your results with the team!


  2. Great pages, love that you only used three (very strong) colors and that the circles are both crisp and some ragged. Yay for art journaling! 🙂


  3. These look so cool!!! Always love circles….and add portion control to them? Recipe for greatness! 🙂


  4. I like the combination of text, full circles and partials! Red, black combination for the win.


  5. Posted by Judy on March 4, 2009 at 1:47 am

    Wow. I find the side by side comparisons very enlightening. I like them both. I think it would depend on your ultimate goal as to which would be better. Not a color combo I’ve ever ussed but seeing yours I think I should give it a try.


  6. Wahoo – love the colours. Your page reminds me of a freestyle quilt book I was reading recently where the author does cogs and wheels that look amazing. I so wish I could think of the name of it for you – I am sure you’d fall in love. It might come to me…and if it does, I’ll comment again. The book *might* be called something like “Freestyle Quilting”. And I’m a librrian, how bad is that? LOL


  7. I love the bold colors and subtle ‘peeking out’ of the elements on the right. I especially like the text and then tearing it off with tape. Thanks for sharing!



  8. They are fabulous! I love them both too – I think the left side really pops off the page and draws me in to want to actually read the text inside the circles… the right side looks mysterious and is great too – but makes me feel a little blurred.. then again that could be because it’s 12.12am and I need sleep! LOL


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