Now much crafting…

The bushfires here in Melbourne have cast smoke across the town; it is a constant reminder of the mammoth disaster that occurred here on Saturday February 7th.

I have not been directly effected. None of my family or friends have died or lost homes. Yet somehow it has effected all of us, every Melbournite.

We all heard the warnings before Saturday, we lived through that day… it was like stepping straight into Hell itself, when stepping outside that day. The horrid north wind came up so quickly. We lived through the hottest Melbourne day ever (46 degrees C). I am always drained after such a hot day, but this time, as events unfolded, it was with growing horror as each piece of news was received. It was like prodding a sore tooth; I didn’t want to hear anymore, yet I couldn’t help but check the local radio and internet for the latest updates. The death toll went from 40-ish to 90 and just kept growing (currently stands at 186 but we’ve been warned there is more to come, still over 100 people missing). Over 7,000 people homeless…

So there hasn’t been a lot of crafting lately. I’ve done a few items for the school’s fete…

x Michelle


2 responses to this post.

  1. Stay safe…the whole world is saddened by what is happening in your country..


  2. I love your site! 🙂


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